The Ancient House

The Ancient House where I now live on left and the Old Post Office Burgh on right, 1908. Painted from a sepia photograph post card, posted back to the Post Office by a soldier in Australia during WW1.

Category: Acrylic

Orford, Suffolk

Orford sunset. Painted from photograph with a few adjustments.

Category: Acrylic

Re-coloured water colour

Martha Graham. A painting I did 30 something years ago had faded, so I re-coloured it. It was in fact gouache, water colour being too difficult for me. I also think I was a better painter then.

Category: Watercolour


In the distance, Llwedd, Snowdon, Crib Goch, Moel Siabod and Tryfan.

Category: Painting


Possibly the most beautiful car ever made – Enzo Ferrari.

Category: Painting

The Singing Butler – copy

A neighbour suggested I copied this, she loves the original by Jack Vettriano. I liked Vettriano’s paintings from when I first saw them in the ’90s but I feel he gets a bad deal, despite prints of his paintings selling in their thousands world-wide, he has a bad reputation in the ‘art world’ and none of his paintings are hung in major public galleries. I like the illustrative quality of his work and the way he constructs strong images from photographic reference. It made sense when I read that he has likened his work to Norman Rockwell who was a great illustrator.


Copy of Summer by Gunnar Berndtson.

Category: Painting

The Rally

Copy in acrylic of a John Lavery water colour The Rally.

Category: Painting


Copy of John Lavery’s The Tennis Party.

Category: Painting

Arc de Triomphe

The Tricolour flying for Brezhnev’s visit to France 1978.

Category: Painting


The Vier Heemskinderen bridge.

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