I remember my father in law Douglas, a great guy and Scotsman, sitting in his apartment in Edinburgh talking about the antique furniture there. He referred to a mid century Parker Knoll sideboard and said ‘I enjoy looking at that’ 
So, if there is anything you enjoy looking at, your partner, post office savings book, your Cole Haan loafers, start painting, drawing, carving or whatever. 


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I was cruising on the strip late one night
When an XKE pulled up on the right
He wound down the window of his shinny new Jag
And challenged me right then and there to a drag
I said, “You’re on, buddy, my mill’s runnin’ fine
Let’s come off the line now, at Sunset and Vine
But I’ll throw you one better if you’ve got the nerve
Let’s race all the way to Dead Man’s Curve”.

Jan and Dean 1964.

Best line:
And all the Jag could see was my six tail lights
(he was in a corvette stingray)

Boris the Spider

“black and hairy very small, doesn’t seem to move at all” The Who.
I have always found spiders and their webs a fascination. The webs are beautiful and amazing constructions. Richard Dawkins describes some of the fascinating technology of the spiders web in “The blind watchmaker”